Kates Catering

FAQs in a Glimpse


1) Are the foods provided by Kate's Catering Services Halal?

- Yes. Kate's Catering Services is certified Halal by MUIS (we are also listed on 'The Singapore Halal Directory'... click here to find out more)

2) What is the Minimum Order?

- Every package has a requirement minimum order unless otherwise stated. All conditions for minimum orders are labelled, example 'minimum 25 pax' where pax represents the   number of persons ordering for.

3) How soon should I place my order?

- As a rule of thumb, orders should be placed with us 7 days before the date set for the event. We will not accept further orders for a time slot that has been fully booked

4) Can I change the details of my order after confirmation?

- Details of the order must be finalized 5 days prior to the event date. Changes thereafter are subjected to our approval. To ensure that your order is valid, it is imperative that you   receive our confirmation

5) Are the portions ordered for given exactly the same?

- We provide a 5 - 10% buffer on top of the number of pax ordered by you

6) I would like to add extra items on top of the package which I had chosen. How do I get it done?

- Please refer to Kate's Party Pack / A La Carte Menu for the selections. If the intended items are not found there, please feel free to email or call us for a quote. And because you   are ordering the extras to be delivered with the package, we will relax some of the conditions stipulated in the Kate's Party Pack / A La Carte Menu.

7) Do you supply additional tables and chairs?

- Yes. These will be supplied by our contractor at the rates according to the list provided

8) Are prices shown on the online menu the same as those on hard copy menus?

- Yes. They are exactly the same

9) Is GST (Goods & Services Tax) to be charged?

- Yes. Kate's Catering Services is GST registered.

10) Are there discounts?

- Discounts are given for promotional packages

11) Are the online menus applicable for festive period?

- No. The menus for festive periods can be found under the promotional packages we have installed and for a limited time only (duration of the festive holiday)

12) Are there any other issues concerning delivery that I should be aware of ?

- Where the venue of the function is 3 or more floors above the ground or lift-landing level, and there is no direct lift access, a surcharge will be imposed

13) Are there any other issues concerning equipment loan that I should be aware of ?

- We do not provide equipment loans unless stated under Miscellanous Add-ons . However, you will be liable for any damage or loss of facilities and/or equipments provided by   us. This liability, being the replacement cost, shall be settled in full by cash payment on the spot.

14) What are your payment terms and the mode of payment ?

- Private / Home Customers: C.O.D or cheque issued in favour of 'Kate Food Supplies Pte Ltd'. Corporate Clients: C.O.D for first time delivery and 7 days credit subsequently.   Longer term of credit may be negotiated. Interbank transfers may be arranged. Delays in payment are subjected to an interest charge of 12% per annum (please prepare exact   denominations for payment by cash)

15) Are there cancellation charges?

- Cancellations after confirmation will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the total cost. Cancellations one day prior to the event will incur a cancellation fee of 80% of the total   cost. Cancellations on the event date will incur full cost.